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China aims for 30% surge in computing power as it competes head-to-head with the United States

China Aims for 30% Growth in Computing Power to Compete with U.S.

China’s Plan to Boost Computing Power

China has unveiled a new plan to increase its aggregate computing power by over 30% by 2025. The goal is to strengthen the country’s capabilities in supercomputing and artificial intelligence (AI) innovation. This move comes as China faces growing competition from the United States in high-tech sectors such as semiconductors, supercomputers, and AI.

China’s Ambitious Target

The plan, released by several government departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), sets a target for China’s total computing power to reach 300 EFLOPS (one quintillion floating-point operations per second) by 2025. This represents a significant increase from the current computing power of 197 EFLOPS.

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AI and the Demand for Computing Power

The rapid development of AI requires substantial computing power. To meet this demand, China plans to expand its data centers across the country, especially in less populated provinces like Guizhou. These data centers will provide the necessary infrastructure to support businesses’ access to computing power.

Improving Computational Infrastructure

Another focus of China’s plan is to improve the speed and efficiency of the computation network. The plan emphasizes that transmission speeds between critical computing facilities should not exceed a latency of 5 milliseconds.

Competition with the United States

The plan’s release comes amidst increasing competition between China and the United States in various high-tech fields. The U.S. has implemented export controls on chipmaking equipment, further intensifying the rivalry. While China ranks second in computing power behind the U.S., the exact scale of the American computing power remains undisclosed.

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China’s Vision for the Future

China’s ambitious plan reflects its determination to become a global leader in computing power and AI. By investing in the expansion of data centers and improving computational infrastructure, China aims to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. This strategic move positions China as a major player in the race for technological supremacy.


China’s plan to increase its computing power by over 30% demonstrates its commitment to advancing in the fields of supercomputing and AI. By expanding data centers, improving computational infrastructure, and fostering innovation, China aims to rival the United States in these critical areas of technology.

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