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Beijing Hyundai Motor Slashes China Auto Plant Price by 30%

Beijing Hyundai Motor Cuts Asking Price for China Auto Plant by 30%

Beijing Hyundai Motor Reduces Minimum Asking Price for Auto Plant

Beijing Hyundai Motor has decided to slash the minimum asking price for its auto plant located in Chongqing, China by nearly 30%. Originally listed for sale in August, the price has now been reduced to 2.58 billion yuan ($353.38 million). The South Korean automaker, in partnership with Beijing Automotive Group Co, is making this move as part of its strategy to adapt to fierce price competition and a slowdown in demand.

Plant Sale Details Remain Uncertain

No specific buyer or timeline has been established for the disposal of the plant. As Hyundai Motor restructures its operations in China to focus on profitability, the company aims to enhance profitability through production streamlining. However, the firm has not commented on the recent price cut, stating that no buyer or schedule has been confirmed at this stage.

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Price Cut Revealed in Filing

A filing on the China Beijing Equity Exchange disclosed the price reduction from the original 3.68 billion yuan. The sale includes the land use rights, equipment, and other facilities at the plant, which commenced production in 2017 with an annual capacity of 300,000 cars. This decision follows Hyundai’s commitment in June to further restructure its China business, with the ultimate goal of optimizing production for export to emerging markets.

Intensifying Competition in China’s Automobile Market

Rivalry among automakers in China, the world’s largest automobile market, has intensified due to weakening demand. As competition on price escalates, Hyundai faces challenges to maintain its position. In contrast, U.S. automaker Tesla has experienced remarkable performance in China’s electric vehicle market, nearly doubling its share from 7.5% in July to 13.2% in August.


The Beijing Hyundai Motor plant’s reduced asking price reflects the company’s efforts to adapt to market conditions and improve profitability. While the specific buyer and timeline for the sale remain uncertain, Hyundai aims to streamline production and optimize its presence in China amidst intense competition. This move is part of the company’s broader strategy to focus on emerging markets and meet the challenges of the evolving automotive industry.

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