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Cardano’s value rises by 10% as investors grow more confident in the cryptocurrency’s potential.

Cardano Climbs 10% As Investors Gain Confidence

Cardano’s Impressive Performance

Cardano experienced a significant surge in value, with its price reaching $0.5321 by 03:05 (08:05 GMT) on the Investing.com Index on Thursday. This marked a remarkable 10.21% increase in a single day, the largest one-day percentage gain since January 10.

Market Cap and Trading Range

This upward movement boosted Cardano’s market cap to $18.5367B, accounting for 1.09% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. However, the coin’s market cap had previously reached as high as $94.8001B. In the past twenty-four hours, Cardano had traded within a range of $0.5022 to $0.5347.

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Week-Long Performance

Over the past seven days, Cardano’s value has steadily increased, with a gain of 6.44%. The volume of Cardano traded in the twenty-four hours to the time of writing was $550.4596M, representing 1.00% of the total volume of all cryptocurrencies. Throughout the last week, Cardano’s trading range stood between $0.4741 and $0.5347.

Comparison to All-Time High

Despite the recent surge, Cardano’s current price still reflects an 82.83% decrease from its all-time high of $3.10, recorded on September 2, 2021.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Performance

Bitcoin demonstrated a 3.87% increase, reaching $44,568.8 on the Investing.com Index, while Ethereum experienced a gain of 2.57%, trading at $2,423.56. Bitcoin’s market cap was $873.1183B, constituting 51.29% of the total cryptocurrency market cap, whereas Ethereum’s market cap totaled $290.9043B, representing 17.09% of the total cryptocurrency market value.

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