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Canada receives support from US and UK amid dispute with India over diplomats, says Reuters.

US and UK Urge India to Cooperate in Murder Probe

US and UK Express Concern over Diplomatic Tensions with India

The United States and Britain have called on India to cooperate with Canada in a murder investigation and have expressed concern over the diplomatic tensions between the two countries. The dispute arose after Canada accused India of being involved in the murder of a Sikh separatist leader in Vancouver. India has denied the allegations, and tensions escalated when New Delhi demanded that Canada reduce its diplomatic presence in India.

US and UK Call for Diplomatic Presence to be Maintained

The US State Department and Britain’s Foreign Office have voiced their disagreement with India’s decision to reduce Canada’s diplomatic presence. The US State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller, stated that they are concerned about the departure of Canadian diplomats and expect India to uphold its obligations under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Britain’s Foreign Office also cited the Vienna Convention, emphasizing that the removal of diplomatic privileges and immunities is not consistent with the principles of the convention.

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US and UK Strive to Maintain Relations with India

While the US and the UK have expressed their concerns over the diplomatic tensions between India and Canada, they are also cautious not to damage their relationship with India. Both countries view India as an important counterbalance to China in the Asian region. Despite their reservations, the US and the UK have called on India to cooperate with Canada in the murder probe, demonstrating their commitment to justice and the rule of law.

Canada’s Response to Diplomatic Tensions

In response to India’s demand to reduce its diplomatic presence, Canada has withdrawn 41 diplomats from India. Additionally, Canada has temporarily suspended in-person operations at consulates in several Indian cities and warned of visa processing delays. Canada has emphasized the importance of diplomatic engagement in resolving differences and has urged India to cooperate in the ongoing murder investigation.

Through their statements, the US and the UK have sent a clear message to India, calling for cooperation and dialogue to resolve the diplomatic tensions. The countries have emphasized the need to uphold international conventions and principles, while also striving to maintain their relationships with India. The murder probe remains ongoing, and it is crucial for all parties involved to work together in the pursuit of justice.

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