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California bill proposes daily limit of $1K for crypto ATM withdrawals to prevent scams.

California Bill Proposes Cap on Crypto ATM Withdrawals to Combat Scams


California legislators have introduced a new bill called “Digital financial asset transaction kiosks,” which aims to combat growing cryptocurrency scams by implementing a cap on crypto ATM withdrawals. The bill proposes limiting daily withdrawals to $1,000 and introducing a fee cap for operators starting in 2025. If approved, this legislation will take effect on January 1, 2024.

Concerns over High Markups

Legislative members decided to propose this bill after visiting a crypto ATM in Sacramento and discovering exorbitant markups. Some crypto assets were being sold at a 33% premium compared to their prices on crypto exchanges. On average, crypto ATMs charge fees ranging from 12% to 25%, according to a legislative analysis.

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Protecting Consumers from Scams

The main objective of this bill is to protect consumers from falling victim to cryptocurrency scams. By imposing a cap on crypto ATM withdrawals, legislators hope to prevent individuals from being lured into fraudulent schemes. Additionally, the fee cap will ensure that operators do not exploit users with excessive charges.

Enhancing Transparency and Fairness

This legislation aims to bring more transparency and fairness to the crypto ATM industry. By limiting withdrawals and fees, the bill seeks to create a level playing field for consumers, ensuring they are not subjected to unreasonable costs when using these machines. These measures will also help deter scammers who take advantage of the lack of regulation in the crypto world.


The proposed bill in California reflects the growing concern over cryptocurrency scams and the need for greater consumer protection. By introducing caps on withdrawals and fees, legislators aim to curb fraudulent activities and promote fair practices within the crypto ATM industry. If implemented, this legislation will be a significant step towards safeguarding individuals from falling victim to scams in the evolving world of digital finance.

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