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Bitcoin price recovers slightly after Iran’s attacks on Israel, showing resilience amid geopolitical tensions.

Escalating Tensions Between Iran and Israel

Iran Launches Attacks Against Israel

Tensions between Iran and Israel heightened on Saturday night when Iran launched attacks against Israel. The price of digital coins fell more than 7% in response to the news, although it later recovered slightly. The world’s largest digital coin closed the day 4.6% lower.

Israel Neutralizes Threats

Israel announced that it successfully neutralized 99% of the 300 identified threats aimed at its territory. This action helped mitigate the potential impact of the attacks from Iran.

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Iran Concludes Operation

Iran’s army declared the conclusion of Tehran’s operation without further actions. This development signaled a temporary pause in hostilities between the two nations.

US President Condemns Iran’s Strike

US President Joe Biden condemned Iran’s strike, labeling it as “unprecedented.” He called for a coordinated diplomatic response with G7 leaders to address the escalating situation in the region.

Recent Hostilities and Accusations

The recent hostilities between Iran and Israel follow heightened tensions, especially since the start of the war in Gaza in October. Accusations and counter-accusations have escalated, with Iran accusing Israel of an attack on its consulate in Damascus on April 1.

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Investors Remain Cautious

Investors are closely monitoring developments in the region due to the potential for further escalation and instability. Bitcoin is currently trading below the near-term support around $64,500, with the next support level located near $60,000.

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