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Bitcoin experiences price correction after reaching $35K as funding rates indicate strong bullish sentiment.

BTC Price Consolidates Near $34K After Wall Street Open

Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a 15% daily gain, settling near $34,000 after the Wall Street open on October 24th. The cryptocurrency consolidated at this level, with market indicators tracking its price volatility throughout the day.

Bitcoin’s Volatility and Order Book Data

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView revealed that BTC’s price remained focused around $34,000. This level attracted attention from traders and investors, who closely monitored the cryptocurrency’s movement. The BTC/USD order book data for Binance provided additional insights into the market dynamics.

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Bitcoin Liquidations and Dollar Index

Bitcoin liquidations were also observed, reflecting the impact of market fluctuations on traders’ positions. Additionally, the Dollar Index (DXY) was analyzed through a one-hour chart, offering insights into the relationship between Bitcoin and the global currency market.

Future Market Outlook

As BTC consolidated near $34,000, market participants anticipated its future trajectory. Traders and investors analyzed various factors to gauge the potential for further price movements and market trends.

Overall, Bitcoin’s performance near $34,000 after the Wall Street open generated significant interest and discussions among market participants. The cryptocurrency’s volatility, order book data, liquidations, and the Dollar Index provided valuable insights for traders and investors.

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