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Biden weighs $100 billion funding request, including aid for Israel and Ukraine – sources.

President Biden Considers $100 Billion Funding Request for Defense Aid

President Biden Considers Defense Aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan

Multiple sources familiar with the matter have revealed that President Joe Biden is contemplating a supplemental request of approximately $100 billion. This funding would include defense aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. The request is expected to be presented to Congress within days as a response to the recent attack on Israel by Hamas militants and to support Ukraine in the face of a Russian invasion.

Biden Shows Support for Israel and Meets with Regional Leaders

As news of the funding request broke, President Biden was preparing to depart for Tel Aviv and Amman to demonstrate his support for Israel. During this trip, he also plans to meet with leaders from Jordan and Egypt to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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Senate Leaders Expect Request for Assistance

Senate leaders anticipate receiving a request for billions of dollars in assistance from President Biden by the end of the week. This aid would be allocated for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and security at the U.S. border. Sources indicate that the request is for a full year of funding, explaining its significant size. Administration officials have been diligently working on this request for several weeks.

Positive Outlook for Senate Approval

Senator Ben Cardin, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, expressed confidence in the request’s chances of passing in the Senate. He believes it will garner support from both Democrats and Republicans. Senator Cardin also stated that he would not be surprised if the request amounted to $100 billion, emphasizing the importance of ensuring adequate funding until 2024.

Uncertainty Surrounds Congressional Approval

While there is optimism regarding Senate approval, uncertainty lingers over the fate of the legislation in Congress. House of Representatives, currently under Republican leadership, has been unable to pass legislation since the recent ousting of Speaker Kevin McCarthy. However, Senate leaders are determined to deliver the necessary support, including assistance for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and border security.

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Additional Briefing for Senate on Israel and Gaza

Top Biden administration officials will hold a classified briefing on Wednesday for the Senate to discuss the ongoing situation in Israel and Gaza. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, who is facing charges of acting as an unregistered agent for Egypt, will not attend the briefing. It is essential to note that Senator Menendez has denied any wrongdoing.

It is crucial to provide the necessary support and aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan during these challenging times. President Biden’s funding request aims to address these needs and ensure the security and stability of these nations. The Senate’s cooperation and approval are vital in making this assistance a reality.

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