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Biden engages in conversation with important Western allies and Pope to address Israel-Hamas conflict.

President Biden Holds Key Discussions on Israel-Hamas War with Western Allies and Pope

Biden Engages with Western Allies on Israel-Hamas Conflict

U.S. President Joe Biden is stepping up his involvement in the ongoing war between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. He recently convened a call with the leaders of Canada, France, Britain, Germany, and Italy, following his conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The White House reported separate calls between Biden and the Western leaders, as well as Netanyahu and Pope Francis. Concerns are growing that the conflict could escalate into a broader Middle East crisis, with Israel launching attacks on Gaza and clashes intensifying on its border with Lebanon.

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It remains unclear why Japan, a member of the Group of Seven advanced economies along with the aforementioned countries, was not included in Biden’s discussions. The G7 finance ministers had recently met in Morocco and released a statement.

Biden and Pope Francis Discuss the Need for Peace in the Middle East

Biden also had a conversation with Pope Francis, during which they focused on preventing further escalation in the region and working towards a lasting peace in the Middle East, according to the White House. The Vatican stated that the call, lasting approximately 20 minutes, centered on conflict situations worldwide and the importance of finding paths to peace.

As President Biden takes a proactive approach to address the Israel-Hamas war, he is engaging with key Western allies and the Pope. By convening calls and discussing the need for peace, Biden aims to prevent further escalation and work towards a durable solution in the Middle East.

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