Home World Belgium actively searches for Swedish shooter as Brussels remains on high alert.

Belgium actively searches for Swedish shooter as Brussels remains on high alert.

Belgium actively searches for Swedish shooter as Brussels remains on high alert.

Terrorist Attack in Brussels Leaves Two Swedish Citizens Dead

Belgium on High Alert as Manhunt Begins for Gunman

Belgium is on high alert as authorities search for a gunman responsible for a brutal terrorist attack in Brussels. The attack took place on Monday and resulted in the death of two Swedish citizens, with a third person sustaining severe injuries. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo condemned the attack and raised the security alert status in the capital city to the highest level.

Increased Police Presence and Vigilance

In response to the attack, Belgium has increased police presence, particularly around Swedish people and institutions. The public has been urged to exercise extra vigilance and avoid unnecessary travel. The tragedy occurred during a soccer match between Belgium and Sweden, leading to the abandonment of the game at halftime.

Terrorist’s Identity and Motive

The suspect responsible for the attack has been identified as a 45-year-old Tunisian man who sought asylum in Belgium in November 2019. He was already known to police for involvement in people smuggling and illegal residence in the country. The assailant specifically targeted Swedish supporters, as confirmed by Prime Minister De Croo.

Unrelated to Recent Conflict

Belgian authorities have stated that there is no evidence linking the attacker to the recent conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants. The motive behind the attack appears to be revenge, as claimed by the perpetrator himself in a video posted online.

Heightened Security Concerns in Europe

The Brussels attack comes at a time of heightened security concerns in Europe due to the Israel-Hamas conflict. France, in particular, has deployed additional troops following a recent fatal stabbing. The assailant in the Brussels attack identified himself as a fighter for Allah in the video.

Video Footage and Unique Details

Video footage of the attack shows the gunman wearing an orange jacket and riding a scooter. He fired multiple shots before pursuing fleeing individuals into a building and continuing his assault. The self-declared perpetrator claimed to have carried out the attack as revenge in the name of Muslims.

Increased Security Measures and Threat Alerts

Sweden had previously raised its terror alert level due to increased threats against Swedish interests abroad. This followed incidents of Koran burnings and other acts that outraged Muslims and triggered threats from jihadists. Belgium has responded to the attack by increasing police presence around places associated with the Swedish community.

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