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Australians choose not to support Indigenous Voice in referendum, promoting inclusiveness and diversity.

Australians Set to Reject Indigenous Voice in Referendum, Final Poll Shows

Australians Expected to Vote ‘No’

Australians are on track to overwhelmingly reject a proposal to constitutionally recognize the country’s Indigenous people in an upcoming referendum, according to the latest opinion polls. The referendum, scheduled for Saturday, asks Australians to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on whether they support amending the 122-year-old constitution to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and establish a Voice to Parliament, a body that can provide advice to the government.

Early Voting and Current Polls

With over 4 million votes already cast since early voting began on October 2, the final opinion poll conducted by YouGov reveals that those opposed to the proposal lead the ‘Yes’ camp by 56% to 38%, with 6% of respondents undecided. The YouGov survey, which interviewed 1,519 voters, indicates a significant ‘No’ victory. Notably, the analysis suggests that the ‘Yes’ vote is unlikely to succeed, except in a few inner metropolitan seats.

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Demographic Divide and Indigenous Representation

The polls also highlight a generational divide, with younger voters leaning towards a ‘Yes’ vote while older voters overwhelmingly favoring ‘No’. Australia’s Indigenous citizens, who make up approximately 3.8% of the population, have lived on the land for over 60,000 years. However, they are currently not mentioned in the constitution and often lag behind national averages on various socio-economic indicators.

Support and Opposition

Support for the referendum has waned over recent months. Advocates argue that the Voice to Parliament will bring progress for Indigenous Australians, while opponents view constitutional recognition as divisive and argue against enshrining one group in the constitution. Some critics dismiss the Voice as tokenism and claim it lacks real power.

Past Referendums and Voting Requirements

Australia has a history of rejecting referendums, with only eight approved since its inception in 1901. Constitutional changes require a majority of votes nationwide and in at least four of the six states.

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The upcoming referendum will have significant implications for Australia’s Indigenous population and the nation as a whole. As the voting day approaches, the prevailing sentiment appears to be against the proposal, signaling a potential setback in the ongoing quest for Indigenous representation and reconciliation.

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