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Apple refutes breaking US court order in Epic Games legal battle, upholding compliance.

Apple Denies Violating Court Order in Epic Games Dispute

Apple Defends Itself Against Contempt Allegations

Apple has refuted claims of violating a court order related to its App Store and has urged a California federal judge to dismiss Epic Games’ request for contempt charges. The tech giant argued its stance in a filing to U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in Oakland, who oversaw Epic’s antitrust lawsuit against Apple in 2020.

Apple Criticizes Epic’s Demands

In its filing, Apple criticized Epic’s attempts to make its “tools and technologies available to developers for free,” accusing the game developer of seeking to interfere with Apple’s business operations to boost its own profits. Epic Games declined to comment on Apple’s response.

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Legal Battle Between Apple and Epic Continues

After Epic largely lost the case against Apple, Judge Rogers ordered Apple to provide developers with more freedom in directing app users to alternative payment methods for digital goods. Despite this ruling, Epic alleged that Apple was still in violation of the court’s injunction.

Other Tech Companies Echo Epic’s Concerns

Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Elon Musk’s X, and Match Group have supported Epic’s arguments against Apple, claiming that the tech giant was not complying with the court’s order. They highlighted Apple’s imposition of a 27% fee on developers for certain purchases as a clear violation.

Google Play Store Faces Similar Legal Action

A separate case brought by Epic against Alphabet’s Google is expected to result in a similar injunction affecting the Google Play Store later this year. The ongoing legal battle between tech giants and app developers continues to shape the future of digital marketplaces.

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