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Apple chooses TSMC’s N3E chip for iPhone 16 lineup, solidifying their partnership.

Apple Commits to TSMC’s N3E Chip for iPhone 16 Lineup

Apple’s Next-Generation Chip for iPhone 16 Lineup

Apple has recently announced its commitment to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) advanced 3nm chip fabrication process, known as N3E. This move signifies a significant leap from the previous N3B technology used in the A17 Pro chip for the current iPhone 15 Pro models. By adopting the N3E process, Apple aims to enhance chip performance and power consumption across its new iPhone range, set to be released next year.

Better Performance and Power Consumption

The adoption of TSMC’s N3E process is expected to bring about improved chip performance and power efficiency to the upcoming iPhone 16 models. This technological advancement will not be exclusive to Apple, as all major chip vendors, with the exception of Samsung, will be adopting the N3E process starting in 2024. The industry-wide adoption of this process demonstrates its potential to revolutionize the smartphone market.

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Apple’s Dependence on TSMC

With Intel facing delays in its CPU platform design plans, Apple is projected to rely heavily on TSMC’s 3nm production capacity at its Taiwanese pure-play foundry. This strategic move could potentially contribute up to $3.4 billion in sales, representing 4-6% of TSMC’s overall sales in 2023. Apple’s partnership with TSMC solidifies its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to its customers.

Future Advancements in Chip Density and Power Usage

In addition to Apple’s commitment, TSMC has plans to advance the N3P process to volume production by late 2024. This next-generation process promises a 1.04x increase in chip density, a 5% speed boost, and a 5-10% reduction in power consumption compared to the N3E process. These advancements will undoubtedly contribute to the overall performance and efficiency of future smartphone models.

Anticipated Features in iPhone 16 Pro Models

The iPhone 16 Pro models are expected to incorporate various exciting features. Notable enhancements include a faster 5G modem, Wi-Fi 7 capabilities, and a new 48MP sensor for the ultrawide lens. Major chipmakers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, and AMD are also anticipated to commission TSMC’s N3E circuitry for their advanced chips, further solidifying the importance of this technological breakthrough.

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This rewritten article presents Apple’s commitment to TSMC’s N3E chip for its iPhone 16 lineup. The adoption of this advanced chip fabrication process is expected to bring significant improvements in performance and power consumption to the upcoming iPhone models. With Apple’s dependence on TSMC and the future advancements in chip density and power usage, the partnership between these two companies holds great promise for the future of smartphone technology.

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