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Altria’s NJOY files lawsuits against 34 e-cigarette makers, requests compensation for damages.

Altria’s NJOY Files Lawsuit Against E-Vapor Product Manufacturers

Marlboro maker Altria Group announced on Thursday that its e-cigarette brand NJOY has filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against several companies manufacturing and selling allegedly illicit e-vapor products in the United States.

Violation of Flavor Ban Law

The lawsuit, filed in a California court, alleges that 34 foreign and domestic companies, including brands such as Elf Bar, Esco Bar, and Puff Bar, have violated the state’s flavor ban law and “illegally competed” against companies that comply with state and federal laws.

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Nationwide Injunction and Damages

NJOY, known for having clearance from federal regulators, is seeking a nationwide injunction against the import, marketing, and sale of these products. Additionally, it is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. The company has also expressed the possibility of adding more vapor product makers to the complaint.

Similar Complaint by British American Tobacco

This move by NJOY echoes a similar complaint filed by British American Tobacco to the U.S. International Trade Commission. The complaint alleged that several manufacturers and retailers of popular disposable vapes were engaged in unfair imports. These actions highlight concerns within the industry regarding the weak enforcement of rules governing disposable vapes.

Rising Concerns About Disposable Vaping Brands

The surge in disposable vaping brands, some of which are being sold illegally, has become a challenge for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Despite efforts to combat this issue, these brands continue to dominate the market, raising concerns among industry players.

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State Restrictions on Flavored Vaping Products

Last December, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed California to enforce a voter-approved ban on flavored tobacco products. This ban, which is now in effect, has been adopted by many other states and several U.S. municipalities, each imposing their own restrictions on flavored vaping products.

The lawsuit filed by NJOY represents a significant step in addressing the issues surrounding illicit e-vapor products. As the battle against these products continues, it remains to be seen how the industry and regulatory authorities will respond.

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