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AI tool prevents unauthorized scraping of art by punishing data poisoning, ensuring uniqueness and SEO optimization.

Tool Allows Artists to Protect Artwork from AI Scraping

Artists Gain Control Over Digital Art

Artists now have a new tool at their disposal to safeguard their digital artwork from unauthorized use by artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Researchers at the University of Chicago have developed a groundbreaking software called “Nightshade” that empowers artists to protect their creations.

Introducing “Nightshade”

“Nightshade,” named after a family of plants known for their toxic berries, offers artists the ability to “poison” their digital art. By modifying images in a way that corrupts the data sets used for AI training, Nightshade ensures that AI systems are fed incorrect information.

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Preserving Artistic Ownership

The significance of Nightshade lies in its ability to prevent developers from training AI systems on an artist’s work without permission. With the rise of AI technology, artists have faced challenges in maintaining control over their creations. Nightshade provides them with a powerful tool to protect their artistic ownership.

How Nightshade Works

Nightshade alters images in a manner that contaminates data sets, rendering them unreliable for AI training. This manipulation ensures that any AI system trained on the poisoned data will generate incorrect outputs when exposed to the original artwork.

Empowering Artists

Artists can now take control of their digital art and prevent unauthorized use by AI systems. Nightshade empowers artists to safeguard their creative work and maintain ownership in the digital age.

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A New Era of Art Protection

Nightshade marks a significant milestone in the ongoing battle between artists and AI technology. With this tool, artists can protect their digital art from being exploited and ensure that their work is used only with their permission.


The development of Nightshade demonstrates the University of Chicago’s commitment to supporting artists and their rights in the digital era. By enabling artists to poison their artwork in the AI training process, Nightshade empowers them to maintain control over their creations and protect their artistic ownership.

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