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3Commas increases security measures as multiple user accounts are compromised, remaining vigilant against hacking attempts.

Crypto Trading Bot Provider 3Commas Takes Action Following User Account Hacks

Increased Vigilance and Prompt Response

3Commas, a leading provider of crypto trading bots, is taking immediate action after several user accounts were compromised, resulting in unauthorized trades. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Yuriy Sorokin, addressed the issue in a recent blog post.

User Concerns and Unauthorized Trades

Users reported unauthorized trades on their 3Commas accounts after resetting their passwords. These incidents prompted the company to heighten its alert level and implement additional security measures to protect its users.

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Protecting User Interests

3Commas is committed to safeguarding its users’ interests and ensuring a secure trading environment. The company is actively investigating the security breaches and working to prevent any further unauthorized access to user accounts.

Enhanced Security Measures

As part of its response to the security breaches, 3Commas is implementing enhanced security measures, including further strengthening its password policies and introducing additional authentication protocols to ensure user accounts remain secure.

User Support and Assistance

3Commas is providing support and assistance to affected users, helping them regain control of their accounts and rectify any unauthorized trades. The company is committed to resolving the issue swiftly and effectively.

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3Commas is taking the necessary steps to address the recent security breaches and protect its users’ accounts. By implementing enhanced security measures and providing support to affected users, the company is demonstrating its commitment to maintaining a secure trading environment.

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