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Yellen: Global meetings united in condemning Hamas’ attack on Israel, receives widespread condemnation.

Yellen Condemns Hamas Attack on Israel at Global Meetings

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressed her strong disapproval of the recent attack on Israel by Hamas during the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Yellen stated that there was a unanimous condemnation of the attack by the global community.

Yellen’s Stance on Sanctions and Solidarity

Yellen emphasized that the United States already had numerous sanctions in place against Hamas and was actively seeking ways to strengthen them further. Additionally, the United States has shown unwavering support for Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, aiming to prevent any escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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G20’s Response and Criticisms

The Group of Twenty (G20) economies, however, faced criticism for not addressing the Israel-Hamas conflict in their recent communique. Critics argued that this omission highlighted the underlying divisions within the G20. Yellen defended the G20, stating that she had engaged in discussions with various individuals who universally condemned Hamas’s attack on Israel.

Concerns over Civilian Casualties

Yellen revealed that there is widespread concern regarding the potential for further civilian casualties in the conflict. While she refrained from commenting on Israel’s response, she acknowledged the importance of preventing harm to innocent Israelis.

G20’s Cooperation and Engagement

Yellen highlighted the cooperation and responsiveness of the G20 in addressing the concerns raised by developing countries. She emphasized that the G20 had made significant progress through reforms of multilateral development banks and the potential agreement on an IMF quota increase.

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