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Yamaha Motor achieves all-time high sales, breaking records with strong numbers for the year.

Yamaha Motor Company (TYO: 7272) has reported record-breaking sales and operating income for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023, driven by strong performance in the motorcycle and marine sectors. Despite challenges in its robotics business due to a sluggish Chinese economy, the company remains optimistic about demand in emerging markets and plans to continue its growth trajectory in 2024. Yamaha is also committed to sustainability, aiming for carbon neutrality and enhancing employee engagement.

Key Takeaways:
– Yamaha Motor achieved record sales and operating income in 2023, with increased shipments of motorcycles and large outboard motors, while facing challenges in its robotics business.
– The company expects strong demand in emerging markets in 2024 and plans for record sales and operating income for the fourth consecutive year.
– Yamaha is focusing on cost control and new models in the marine business to enhance corporate value, and has established a new company in the medical and health field.
– Financial projections for 2024 include net sales of JPY 2.6 trillion and operating income of JPY 260 billion, with an increase in dividends and a treasury stock repurchase planned.

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Company Outlook:
– Yamaha forecasts increased revenue and operating profit for Marine, Robotics, Financial Services, and Other segments in 2024, with a focus on new product introductions.
– The Land Mobility business is expected to see increased profit despite a decrease in operating profit, while the company aims to achieve a return on capital that exceeds the cost of capital.

Bearish Highlights:
– Small and midrange outboard motor sales in Europe and the US declined, along with a drop in demand for the RV business, and challenges in the Robotics division due to the Chinese economic slowdown.

Bullish Highlights:
– Sales of outboard motors in regions outside Europe and the US, as well as water vehicles and sports boats, increased, while the Marine business increased its top line and operating profit.

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– The SPV business saw a decrease in sales volume due to inventory adjustments in the bicycle market.

Q&A Highlights:
– Yamaha is adjusting model launch timings and enhancing promotion activities to counter the SPV division’s sales volume decrease, and expects the Robotics division to recover demand in the second half of 2024.
– Despite higher interest rates, the Financial Service business is projected to increase revenue and operating profit in 2024.

Yamaha Motor’s strategic approach to overcoming economic challenges in various markets, coupled with its investment in new products and sustainability, positions the company for continued success in the coming year. With a focus on emerging markets and innovative business strategies, Yamaha Motor is set to navigate the complex global economic landscape while aiming for sustainable growth and enhanced corporate value.

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