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Waymo self-driving car in San Francisco bumps into cyclist, resulting in minor injuries.

Waymo Driverless Car Collides with Cyclist in San Francisco

Minor Injuries in San Francisco Collision

A driverless Waymo car collided with a cyclist in San Francisco on Tuesday, resulting in minor scratches for the bicyclist, who left the scene on their own, as confirmed by the company via email.

Waymo’s Response to the Incident

Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous driving unit, immediately called the police to the scene and is in the process of contacting relevant authorities about the incident.

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Details of the Collision

Waymo reported that its vehicle was stationary at a four-way intersection when a large truck turned into the intersection. Subsequently, the Waymo car proceeded to move forward, but the cyclist, who was behind the truck and out of sight, crossed into the vehicle’s path. Despite the Waymo car braking heavily upon sighting the cyclist, it was unable to avoid the collision.

Emergency Response and Investigations

The San Francisco Fire Department confirmed that a 911 call was made reporting the collision, and the cyclist did not require hospitalization. The San Francisco Police Department is currently investigating the incident, and the Department of Motor Vehicles has been contacted for further information.

Challenges Faced by Driverless Car Companies

Despite the growing interest in driverless technology, companies such as Waymo and GM’s Cruise have faced challenges. GM’s Cruise unit revealed probes by the U.S. Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission after an accident involving one of its robotaxis, while Waymo is navigating resistance from lawmakers and citizens who have concerns about the safety of driverless vehicles.

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Call for Industry-Wide Probe

Last year, over two dozen unions urged U.S. auto safety regulators to open an industry-wide investigation into driverless vehicles, citing a high number of crash incidents and deeming them “unsafe and untenable in their current form.”

Waymo, in particular, has been expanding its driverless service in Los Angeles, where it is currently testing rides and allowing new rides only by invitation.

It is clear that the road to widespread acceptance of driverless technology is not without its challenges, and as companies like Waymo continue to innovate, it will be crucial to address concerns and ensure the safety of all road users.

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