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Venezuela preparing to resume negotiations with opposition in Mexico, say sources.

Venezuela Prepares for Return to Mexico-Based Talks with Opposition

Venezuela’s Government Approves New Round of Negotiations

Venezuela’s government is set to approve a return to Mexico-based negotiations with the country’s political opposition, according to sources familiar with the matter. These talks aim to find solutions to Venezuela’s ongoing political and economic crisis, as pressure from the U.S. for progress towards a free and fair presidential election continues to mount.

Opposition’s Petitions and U.S. Involvement

The opposition will once again request the release of political prisoners and guarantees for the 2024 election during the upcoming talks. While envoys from Caracas and Washington have met separately in Doha, no direct participation from Venezuela’s opposition took place. The discussions in Qatar also touched upon relief from U.S. oil sanctions and measures to address the influx of Venezuelan migrants to the United States.

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Uncertain Sanctions Relief

It remains unclear whether a return to Mexico negotiations would lead to further easing of U.S. sanctions against Venezuela. The White House spokesperson stated that sanctions relief would only be considered if Venezuela takes concrete actions towards restoring democracy and holding free and fair elections.

Qatar Talks and Electoral Issues

During the discussions in Qatar, the Venezuelan government broadly addressed electoral matters without going into detail about guarantees. Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez recently confirmed her presence in Qatar to meet with the ruling emir, although no further details were provided.

Opposition Nominating Contest and Primary

Three candidates in an opposition nominating contest are currently banned from holding office, including Henrique Capriles. Despite the national electoral council’s request for a delay, the opposition has decided to move forward with the primary.

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As Venezuela prepares for a return to Mexico-based talks with the opposition, the hopes for resolving the country’s political and economic crisis are reignited. The upcoming negotiations will focus on key issues such as the release of political prisoners and guarantees for future elections. With the involvement of the U.S. in discussions, there is a possibility of relief from oil sanctions and efforts to address the challenges posed by Venezuelan migrants. However, the extent of any sanctions relief remains uncertain, as it depends on Venezuela’s actions towards restoring democracy and holding fair elections. The recent opposition nominating contest and primary, despite obstacles, demonstrate a determination to move forward in finding solutions for the country’s future.

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