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US uses veto power to block UN action for ceasefire in Israel-Hamas conflict.

The United States Blocks UN Resolution on Israel-Hamas War

U.S. Vetoes UN Resolution for Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire

The United States once again vetoed a draft United Nations Security Council resolution on the Israel-Hamas war, blocking a demand for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The U.S. is instead pushing for a temporary ceasefire linked to the release of hostages held by Hamas. Thirteen council members voted in favor of the Algerian-drafted text, while Britain abstained. It was the third U.S. veto since the start of the current fighting on Oct. 7.

U.S. Ambassador Defends Veto

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield defended the veto, citing concerns that demanding an immediate, unconditional ceasefire without an agreement requiring Hamas to release the hostages could prolong the fighting between Hamas and Israel. The Algerian-drafted resolution vetoed by the U.S. did not link a ceasefire to the release of hostages.

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U.S. Proposes Temporary Ceasefire

The U.S. has proposed a rival draft resolution calling for a temporary ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war and opposing a major ground offensive by Israel in Rafah. The U.S. draft resolution would see the Security Council “underscore its support for a temporary ceasefire in Gaza as soon as practicable, based on the formula of all hostages being released, and calls for lifting all barriers to the provision of humanitarian assistance at scale.”

Escalation of Conflict

The war began when fighters from the Hamas militant group attacked Israel on Oct. 7, leading to a military assault on Gaza by Israel. The conflict has resulted in significant casualties, with thousands of lives lost and many more displaced. More than three-quarters of the 193-member U.N. General Assembly previously voted to demand an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, reflecting a global view on the war.

U.S. Role in UN Action

Washington traditionally shields Israel from U.N. action, but it has also abstained twice, allowing the council to adopt resolutions aimed at boosting aid to Gaza and calling for extended pauses in fighting. This demonstrates the complexity and sensitivity of the situation for the United States as it navigates its role in addressing the Israel-Hamas conflict at the United Nations.

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