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US senator criticizes Biden’s plan to halt natural gas exports, citing economic impact and global competition.

Democratic Senator Opposes Biden’s Pause on Liquefied Natural Gas Exports

Senator Bennet Disagrees with Biden’s Decision

Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has voiced his opposition to President Joe Biden’s recent move to pause approvals of new exports of liquefied natural gas. He expressed concern that this decision could undermine U.S. efforts to supply gas to Europe at a time when it is seeking alternatives to Russian exports.

Divided Opinion Among Democrats

Bennet’s stance indicates a growing divide within the Democratic party regarding Biden’s decision. While the move is aimed at aligning with climate goals and supporting Europe amidst the conflict with Russia, some Democrats, including Bennet, have raised objections.

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Biden’s Decision and Its Implications

In late January, President Biden implemented a pause on new approvals for pending and future applications to export liquefied natural gas. This decision, although applauded by climate activists, could potentially delay decisions on new plants until after the upcoming election.

Political Response to Biden’s Move

The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill aimed at revoking Biden’s authority to freeze approvals of gas exports. The bill, largely supported by Republicans, faces an uncertain future in the Democratic-run Senate.

Senator Bennet’s Critique

Senator Bennet, whose home state of Colorado is a significant natural gas producer, criticized Biden’s decision as “short-sighted”. During an interview on Fox News Sunday, he highlighted the importance of American liquefied natural gas in replacing Russia’s exports to Europe.

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Impact of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe has increasingly turned to the United States for liquefied natural gas. Bennet emphasized the strategic significance of U.S. energy resources in providing both clean energy and fossil fuels.

European Commission’s Reassurance

Despite concerns raised by Bennet and others, a European Commission official stated that Biden’s decision would not significantly impact U.S. supplies to Europe over the next few years.

Overall, the debate surrounding Biden’s pause on liquefied natural gas exports reflects the complex interplay between economic, geopolitical, and environmental considerations in shaping U.S. energy policies.

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