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US retail sales boost dollar, yen at weakest level since 1990.

The Dollar Surges to Highest Level Since November

Impressive Retail Sales Boost Dollar

The dollar soared to its highest level since early November against a basket of currencies on Monday, pushing the yen to its lowest level since 1990. This surge followed a stronger-than-expected increase in U.S. retail sales in March.

Retail Sales Exceed Expectations

In March, retail sales rose by 0.7%, with February’s data also revised upward to show a 0.9% rebound instead of the previously reported 0.6%. Economists, who had forecast a 0.3% rise in March, were pleasantly surprised by the actual numbers.

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Strong Dollar Amid Economic Growth

The greenback’s strength is attributed to persistent inflation and robust economic growth, leading investors to delay their expectations for Federal Reserve rate cuts. The central bank is now projected to implement fewer cuts than previously anticipated.

Positive U.S. Data Impact

“U.S. data just keeps exceeding expectations,” noted Brad Bechtel, global head of FX at Jefferies in New York, reflecting on the market trends spurred by the upbeat economic indicators.

Japanese Yen Vulnerable to Dollar Strength

The Japanese yen has been particularly affected by the strength of the U.S. dollar and the significant interest rate gap between the two nations. Japanese officials are closely monitoring the situation and are prepared to intervene if necessary.

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Market Response and Tensions in the Middle East

Investors are also monitoring escalating tensions in the Middle East, which could impact safe-haven currencies like the U.S. dollar and Swiss franc in case of further deterioration.

Market Outlook and Cryptocurrency Update

In the cryptocurrency realm, Bitcoin experienced a recent decline to $66,035, following a low of $61,323 over the weekend. This market volatility underscores the ongoing fluctuations in digital assets.

The Pound and Euro in Focus

The pound strengthened by 0.22% to $1.248, while the euro remained relatively stable against the dollar at $1.0643. Market dynamics continue to evolve amid global economic shifts.

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