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Urgent access to Gaza required by WHO for delivering aid and medical supplies promptly.

WHO Urgently Requests Access to Gaza for Aid and Medical Supplies

World Health Organization (WHO) Appeals for Urgent Access to Gaza

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a plea for immediate access to Gaza in order to deliver essential aid and medical supplies. The organization warns of an impending humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian enclave and emphasizes the need for urgent action.

WHO Urgently Seeks Approval for Aid Delivery

Dr. Richard Brennan, the regional emergency director at the WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean regional office, reveals that the agency is currently in discussions with decision-makers to secure access to Gaza as quickly as possible. He stresses the importance of receiving the necessary approval to enter Gaza and deliver the much-needed aid.

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Delays in Aid Delivery

Despite having supplies ready for the past three days, the WHO has been unable to deliver the aid due to access restrictions. The organization highlights the urgency of the situation, especially considering the ongoing violence and the devastating impact it has had on Gaza’s healthcare infrastructure.

A Long-Term Humanitarian Crisis

Dr. Richard Peeperkorn, the WHO representative for the West Bank and Gaza, acknowledges that even once the violence subsides, the recovery process will be extensive. He emphasizes the need for sustained humanitarian efforts and the importance of addressing the long-term consequences of the crisis.

High Casualty Rates and Concerns for Chronic Disease Patients

According to Dr. Peeperkorn, the violence has resulted in the deaths of 2,800 people, with 11,000 injured in Gaza. Alarmingly, half of the casualties are women and children. The WHO also expresses concerns about the 350,000 individuals in Gaza with chronic diseases, who are struggling to access healthcare amidst the current crisis.

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UN Human Rights Office Raises Concerns

The United Nations human rights office has voiced concerns over Israel’s siege of Gaza and its evacuation order for the northern area of the enclave. The office suggests that these actions may constitute a forcible transfer of civilians and potentially breach international law.

Appeal for Compliance with International Humanitarian Law

Dr. Brennan emphasizes the WHO’s consistent appeal for all parties involved in the conflict to adhere to international humanitarian and human rights laws. He highlights the importance of protecting healthcare facilities and ensuring access to essential services for the people of Gaza.

The situation in Gaza is dire, with limited access to healthcare facilities, scarce medical supplies, and a growing risk of disease outbreaks. The WHO’s urgent appeal for access and the delivery of aid and medical supplies is crucial in mitigating the current crisis and addressing the long-term consequences for the Palestinian population.

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