HomeWorldUkraine pulls back troops from Avdiivka, deploys elite brigade for security.

Ukraine pulls back troops from Avdiivka, deploys elite brigade for security.

Ukraine Withdraws Troops from Avdiivka Amid Heavy Fighting

Ukraine Withdraws Troops from Avdiivka

Ukraine is withdrawing troops from parts of the eastern town of Avdiivka after months of heavy fighting. The move comes as they aim to reposition themselves for better strategic advantages against Russian forces.

Russian Encirclement of Avdiivka

Russia has been attempting to encircle and capture Avdiivka nearly two years after its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The town’s supply lines are under threat, and Ukraine’s foothold in the area is increasingly unstable.

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Importance of Avdiivka

The capture of Avdiivka is crucial to Russia’s goal of securing full control of the industrial Donbas region. This would present President Vladimir Putin with a significant battlefield victory as he seeks re-election next month.

Ukrainian Military Maneuvers

Ukrainian military spokesman Dmytro Lykhoviy stated that a maneuver is underway to withdraw units from Avdiivka to more advantageous positions and to force Russian forces out of certain areas. However, the difficult supply lines and evacuations from Avdiivka pose significant challenges.

Reserve Brigade Reinforcements

The battle-hardened reserve fighters from Ukraine’s Third Assault Brigade have been sent to reinforce the troops in Avdiivka. The situation is described as “hell” and “threatening and unstable,” with the brigade inflicting heavy casualties on Russian forces.

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Challenges Faced by Ukraine

Ukraine is facing significant military challenges, including critical shortages of artillery rounds and uncertainty over the future of U.S. military assistance. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is seeking urgent new military assistance during his upcoming visits to France and Germany.

Strategic Significance of Avdiivka

Avdiivka holds strategic importance as a gateway to Donetsk city and the Russian-held provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk. The town’s coking plant, which has stopped functioning during the war, adds to its significance in the region.

Both sides view Avdiivka as crucial to gaining full control of the region and use it as a base for further military operations.

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