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Ukraine prepares to defend against new Russian attacks in the east following retreat.

Ukraine’s Military Repels Russian Offensive in the East

Ukraine’s Military Takes New Defensive Positions

Ukraine’s military has shifted to new defensive positions in the east after retreating from Avdiivka, which was captured by Russian forces. They are successfully repelling Russian attempts to develop the offensive thrust.

Russia Gains Control of Avdiivka

Russia took full control of Avdiivka after Ukrainian troops withdrew, marking a significant advance for the Kremlin. This comes as Kyiv struggles to regenerate manpower and faces opposition to rearmament from U.S. Republicans.

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Russian Forces Regrouping

Russian forces are regrouping and searching for resistance pockets in Avdiivka, while also launching attacks near Mariinka and a Kyiv-held village in the southeast. The capture of Avdiivka pushes Ukrainian forces further from the Russian-held city of Donetsk.

Forecasts and Troop Deployments

Experts predict that Russian forces will attempt to “straighten out” the front line around Mariinka and launch a fresh push around the town of Vuhledar. It’s estimated that Moscow has around 80,000 troops deployed around Bakhmut and a further 40,000 troops around Avdiivka.

Challenges Faced by Ukrainian Forces

Ukrainian forces faced continuous attacks from Russian troops, with some soldiers completely surrounded at one point. The withdrawal from Avdiivka was prompted by the threat of an enemy breakthrough that would have cut off supply routes for the Ukrainian grouping in the eastern part of the town.

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Concerns and Predictions

There are concerns that Russia will attempt to seize as much territory as possible in the near future, especially within the borders of the Ukrainian territories that Putin has declared to be Russian. Moscow has unilaterally declared the annexation of certain Ukrainian regions despite not fully controlling them.

Overall, the situation remains tense as Ukrainian forces adapt to new defensive positions and Russian forces continue to regroup and launch offensives in the region.

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