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Ukraine explores debt restructuring and new financing, engaging bondholders for exclusive discussions – sources.

Ukraine Seeks to Restructure Debt and Raise Fresh Financing

Ukraine’s Debt Restructuring Plans

Ukraine is currently in discussions with major investors regarding its plans to restructure its $20 billion international debt and explore the possibility of raising additional financing. These interactions have been led by Yuri Butsa, the head of the debt management office, who has been actively seeking investor feedback. While talks with bondholders were initially scheduled to begin in early 2023, concerns about waning international support and ongoing conflicts have expedited the debt negotiations.

Challenges and Opportunities

Several challenges exist for Ukraine as it embarks on this debt restructuring journey. One such challenge is the fact that investors are wary of lending to a nation currently at war. As a result, they are pushing for guarantees or backstops from Ukraine’s partners to mitigate the associated risks. Additionally, the market is looking for credit enhancements to reduce default risks and borrowing costs.

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Despite these challenges, Ukraine is exploring opportunities to raise fresh funds through collateralized and guaranteed structures. These options could potentially facilitate financing for the country and involve international partners providing collateral for new bonds, similar to the Brady bonds issued by Latin American countries in the late 1980s.

Implications and Future Prospects

The success of Ukraine’s debt restructuring and its ability to raise additional funds from capital markets remains uncertain. IMF programs typically do not allow countries to seek non-concessional funding during a debt overhaul. Furthermore, it is yet to be seen how willing large asset managers will be to lend more money to Ukraine. However, it is crucial for Ukraine to secure new money commitments from private-sector creditors to meet its financial requirements.


Ukraine’s debt restructuring plans and efforts to raise fresh financing are critical steps towards stabilizing its economy and securing long-term financial stability. While the challenges are significant, the potential opportunities for Ukraine to secure support and enhance its financial position are equally noteworthy. The success of these initiatives will depend on Ukraine’s ability to address investor concerns and gain the necessary backing from its international partners.

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