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UK property prices show early 2024 growth, says Halifax, signaling momentum in housing market.

UK House Prices Gain Momentum in Early 2024: Halifax Reports

Impressive Growth in House Prices

British house prices saw a significant 2.5% increase in the year leading up to January, marking the most robust annual growth rate in the past year. This data, reported by mortgage lender Halifax on Wednesday, adds to the promising signs of momentum in the housing market.

Consistent Upward Trend

In monthly terms, house prices experienced a 1.3% rise, marking the fourth consecutive increase. This consistent upward trend is a positive indicator for the housing market.

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Factors Driving Confidence

Kim Kinnaird, the director of mortgages at Halifax, attributed the surge in confidence among buyers and sellers to a recent drop in mortgage rates, declining inflation, and a resilient labor market in early 2024.

Reasons for Caution

Kinnaird also emphasized the need for caution, noting that affordability challenges are likely to persist. She mentioned the possibility of further modest declines amidst broader economic uncertainty.

Stabilization in the Housing Market

Various indicators of the housing market have also pointed towards stabilization. Rival mortgage lender Nationwide recently reported a 0.7% monthly increase in house prices for January, marking five consecutive months without any declines.

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