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Uber expects Australian gig-economy regulations to increase fares, potentially impacting service costs.

Uber Expects Australian Gig-Economy Laws to Increase Service Prices

Uber (NYSE:) is projecting a significant surge in prices for its rideshare and delivery services in response to the Australian federal government’s decision to include gig workers in its workplace reforms. The company has warned that without clearer regulations, ride costs could increase by 55%, and delivery fees could rise by 65%, particularly during peak times. This potential price hike may lead to a decrease in orders from eateries.

Australian Gig-Economy Laws and Uber’s Projections

Recently, Uber projected an even higher surge of 85% for its rideshare and Uber Eats services if the gig-economy laws pass in Australia. These laws would allow the Fair Work Commission to establish minimum standards for gig economy workers who have characteristics similar to employees. While Uber supports the idea of “minimum pay,” their estimated increase takes into account casual award rates, penalty rates, reimbursement of expenses, and superannuation.

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Concerns about Loss of Work Hours and Business

Dom Taylor, General Manager of Uber Australia, has expressed concern about the potential loss of 40 million work hours and a $1.5 billion annual loss for the business due to decreased demand during peak meal times. This concern arises as more Australians join the platform. Currently, Sydney drivers earn around $1,337 per week or $33.42 per hour.

Government’s Perspective and Uber’s Stance

Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke acknowledges that consumer prices may increase as a result of these changes but considers it a “small price to pay” for road safety. Despite the anticipated cost increases, Uber is still advocating for enhanced worker protections while emphasizing the importance of maintaining work flexibility.

Uber’s Market Cap and Financial Outlook

According to InvestingPro data, Uber’s market capitalization stands at $88.85 billion, with Q2 2023 revenue reaching $35.0 billion, indicating a growth rate of 37.0%. Although the company operates at a loss with an operating income of -$573 million, it has experienced a significant price surge of 38.12% over the past six months. This aligns with InvestingPro Tips, which highlight Uber’s high return in the last year and its position as a prominent player in the Ground Transportation industry.

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Considerations for Uber’s Financial Health

However, it’s worth noting that Uber’s revenue growth has recently slowed down, and the company is trading at a high Price/Book multiple of 10.9, according to InvestingPro data. This aligns with another InvestingPro Tip suggesting that Uber is trading at a high EBITDA valuation multiple. These factors could potentially impact the company’s financial health, especially in light of the proposed regulatory changes in Australia.

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