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U.S. Senate expedites Lew’s confirmation as ambassador to Israel, progressing swiftly on the matter.

US Senate Nears Confirmation of Jack Lew as Ambassador to Israel

The U.S. Senate is poised to confirm President Joe Biden’s pick for ambassador to Israel, former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, as early as next week, according to Senate aides. This comes in response to a recent attack on Israel by Hamas gunmen, which has prompted swift action from Washington.

Confirmation Hearing Scheduled for October 18

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has announced that Lew’s confirmation hearing will take place on October 18.

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Democrats Hopeful for Swift Confirmation

With Democrats holding a narrow majority in the chamber, they are aiming to vote on Lew’s confirmation as early as Thursday, Senate aides have revealed.

Lew’s Nomination Applauded by Fellow Democrats

In September, President Biden nominated Lew for the ambassadorial role, a move that received immediate praise from his fellow Democrats.

Lew’s Extensive Experience

Prior to his nomination, Lew had previously undergone Senate confirmation as a cabinet secretary. He has an impressive background, having served as the Treasury secretary, White House chief of staff, and deputy secretary of state for management and resources during former President Barack Obama’s administration.

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Vacancy Since July

The position of ambassador to Israel has been vacant since July, following the departure of Tom Nides from the post.

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