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Trump’s campaign funds fell even further behind Biden’s in January, according to Reuters.

Trump’s Campaign Finances Lagging Behind Biden’s

Financial Disclosures Show Trump’s Falling Behind in Fundraising

Last month, financial disclosures revealed that former President Donald Trump’s campaign fell further behind President Joe Biden in fundraising ahead of the November presidential election. The disclosures showed that Trump spent more money on ads and expenses than he received from donors, resulting in a significant deficit in his campaign finances.

Trump’s Cash Holdings Decline, Biden’s Campaign Gains Momentum

According to the report filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Trump’s cash holdings fell to just over $30 million at the close of last month. On the other hand, Biden’s campaign ended January with about $56 million in cash, a significant increase from the previous month.

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Trump’s Campaign Experiences Financial Strain

Trump’s campaign reported raising $8.8 million in January but spent more than $11 million, with a significant portion of the outlays going towards ads and mailings. This financial strain has put Trump at a disadvantage in comparison to Biden, who reported raising more than $15 million while spending under $6 million last month.

Trump’s Legal Expenses and Super PAC Funding

Separately, the biggest super PAC supporting Trump, known as MAGA Inc, reported raising $7 million last month, enough to offset the $5 million refund it issued to a separate Trump political action committee (PAC) that is paying the candidate’s legal expenses. Trump’s legal expenses continue to be a significant drain on his campaign’s finances.

Comparison with Democratic Rivals

When adding together his campaign accounts with those of his Democratic Party allies, Biden’s re-election effort had $130 million in cash, indicating a significant advantage over Trump. Additionally, Trump’s remaining rival for the Republican nomination, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, outraised him last month, although Trump is still expected to perform well in her home state’s Republican primary on Saturday.

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Outlook and Expectations for the November Election

Despite the financial challenges faced by Trump’s campaign, it is important to note that he has previously demonstrated the ability to win elections even when outspent by rivals. As the race between Trump and Biden remains close in national public opinion polls, a competitive and closely contested election is expected in November.

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