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Toyota Industries under scrutiny for engine emissions deception

Toyota Industries Faces Crackdown for Engine Emissions Cheating

Japan’s Transport Ministry Takes Action Against Toyota Motor’s Affiliate

Japan’s transport ministry is taking action against a Toyota Motor Corp affiliate for cheating engine emissions tests, including the possible withdrawal of certification for some engine types, reported on Monday.

Orders Issued to Prevent Recurrence of Misconduct

The ministry will order Toyota Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of forklift trucks, to take steps to prevent a “recurrence of the misconduct”, the newspaper reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

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Response from Toyota

Toyota did not immediately respond to a Reuters’ request for comments.

Possible Certification Withdrawal for Engine Types

Toyota Industries, which also makes cars, textiles, and electronics, may lose certification for an excavator engine, the report said.

Similar Action for Forklift Engine Models

The ministry appears to be preparing similar action over two forklift engine models, it added.

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Regulatory Decision on Land Cruiser and HiAce Vans

“The regulator will weigh the severity of the misconduct before deciding whether to do the same for engines used in Land Cruiser vehicles and HiAce vans,” the report said.

Reported Misconduct

The company reported to the ministry in January that it had engaged in misconduct that included tampering with performance test data for multiple forklift and automobile engine models, Nikkei added.

Correction Note

(This story has been corrected to say Toyota Motor’s affiliate, not one of its largest units, and corrects reference to Nikkei as a news agency, in paragraph 1)

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