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The White House requests $106 billion from Congress for Ukraine and Israel, according to Reuters.

White House Requests $106 Billion for Ukraine, Israel, and Border Security

White House Appeals to Congress for Funding

The White House has requested nearly $106 billion from Congress to support various initiatives in Ukraine, Israel, and U.S. border security. However, the administration has not provided a strategy for obtaining the funds from a divided Congress.

President Biden’s Funding Request

President Joe Biden’s funding request comes in the wake of his visit to Israel, where he expressed solidarity with the country as it responds to attacks from Hamas militants. The funding proposal combines support for Israel with assistance for Ukraine, border security, refugee aid, measures against China, and other contentious priorities. This strategy aims to create a national security spending bill that can gain bipartisan support in the House of Representatives, which currently lacks leadership.

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Challenges and Skepticism

Some Republican lawmakers have raised doubts about the necessity of funding Ukraine’s conflict with Russia and have threatened to obstruct government operations to counter excessive fiscal spending. Biden’s budget director, Shalanda Young, emphasized the importance of addressing these priorities in a comprehensive and bipartisan agreement, urging Congress to act swiftly.


  • The funding proposal includes $14.3 billion for Israel, primarily to enhance its air and missile defense systems and acquire other weaponry. Additionally, funds exceeding $9 billion are designated for humanitarian relief in Israel and Gaza, where a worsening crisis looms.
  • A significant portion of the proposal, $13.6 billion, is allocated for U.S. border security, aiming to manage the influx of immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean. This funding also addresses the fentanyl trade and supports efforts to counter China’s regional influence in Asia, with $4 billion dedicated to military assistance and government financing.
  • Ukraine receives the largest share of funding, totaling $61.4 billion, which will replenish its military equipment, provide economic and security aid, and support Ukrainian refugees in the United States.

By seeking funding for these diverse priorities, the White House hopes to navigate the complex political landscape and secure the necessary resources to address pressing national security concerns.

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