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The US provides close to $1 billion in funding for airports in latest allocation.

US Federal Aviation Administration Awards $970 Million to 114 Airports for Infrastructure Upgrades

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration announced it is awarding $970 million to 114 airports across the country to refurbish and expand aging infrastructure.

The investments aim to meet the growing demand for air travel and improve the passenger experience. The grants will also launch projects that enhance safety and create jobs, according to the FAA.

Washington Dulles International Airport and Chicago O’Hare Among Recipients of Funding

The awards include $35 million to Washington Dulles International Airport for a 14-gate terminal building and $40 million to Chicago O’Hare for improvements to one of its terminals, the FAA revealed.

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Biden Administration Continues to Prioritize Airport Upgrades

The Biden administration has consistently awarded substantial amounts to airports in efforts to renovate aging infrastructure, following similar grants last year and in 2022. This comes as the country is investing tens of billions of dollars in airport upgrades.

Projects Aim to Improve Airports Across the Country

Los Angeles International Airport is set to receive $31 million for roadway improvements, while San Francisco International Airport will get $31 million to replace mechanical and electrical components. Salt Lake City, Denver, and Charlotte international airports will also receive $20 million or more each, according to the FAA.

Transportation Secretary Emphasizes Benefits of Investments

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg highlighted the positive impact of the investments, noting that they will make it easier for passengers to navigate airports, create jobs, and increase safety for everyone.

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Terminal Projects Under Construction

The statement added that the vast majority of the terminal projects being awarded money are still under construction, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to upgrade airport infrastructure across the country.

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