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Taliban intends to officially join China’s Belt and Road Initiative, according to Reuters.

Taliban Administration Seeks to Join China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Taliban Administration’s Interest in Chinese Initiative

The Taliban administration has expressed its desire to formally join Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitious ‘Belt and Road’ infrastructure initiative. Afghanistan’s acting commerce minister announced that a technical team would be sent to China for discussions on this matter. Despite not being recognized by any other foreign government, the Taliban-run government has been actively seeking to strengthen its ties with Beijing.

China’s Growing Engagement with Taliban

China has been actively engaging with the Taliban administration since its takeover in 2021. It recently became the first country to appoint an ambassador to Kabul, while other nations have retained their previous ambassadors or appointed heads of mission in a charge d’affaires capacity. Beijing’s interest in the Taliban-run government is evident as it aims to develop closer ties, both politically and economically.

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Request to Join China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Afghanistan’s acting commerce minister revealed that they have requested China’s permission to become part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Belt and Road Initiative. The administration is currently discussing technical aspects related to this request. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a crucial section of the Belt and Road Initiative that passes through Afghanistan’s neighboring country.

Afghanistan’s Potential for Chinese Investment

Afghanistan possesses abundant mineral resources, including lithium, copper, and iron. The country’s acting commerce minister emphasized that Afghanistan is ready to welcome Chinese investment, stating that they have everything China needs. Despite the ongoing security concerns, Afghanistan aims to attract foreign investment and utilize its resources for economic growth.

Security Challenges and Government Priorities

Addressing the security challenges, the acting commerce minister stressed that security is a top priority for the Taliban-run government. He mentioned that after two decades of war, more parts of the country are now safe, allowing for increased economic activities and improved security measures. The government assures potential investors that security can be guaranteed in certain regions.

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Afghanistan and 34 other countries recently agreed to collaborate on digital economy and green development during the Belt and Road Forum. This signifies the potential for further cooperation and economic growth in the region.

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