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Sweden concludes Nord Stream sabotage investigation, transfers evidence to Germany for further action.

Sweden Ends Investigation into Nord Stream Sabotage, Hands Evidence to Germany

Sweden Drops Investigation, Lack of Jurisdiction

Sweden has dropped its investigation into the 2022 explosions on Nord Stream pipelines carrying Russian gas to Germany, citing a lack of jurisdiction. The evidence it uncovered has been handed over to German investigators.

Explosions Rupture Nord Stream Pipelines

The Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, transporting gas under the Baltic Sea, were ruptured by a series of blasts in the Swedish and Danish economic zones in September 2022, releasing vast amounts of methane into the air.

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Blame Game between Russia and the West

Russia and the West, amid tensions over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, have pointed fingers at one another regarding the explosions. Each denies involvement, and no one has claimed responsibility.

Sweden’s Investigation and Handover of Evidence

Swedish Public Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist stated that the main task was to establish whether Sweden or Swedish citizens were involved in the attack. However, it was concluded that Sweden lacked jurisdiction in the case, and the investigation was terminated. The findings were shared with German investigators.

Denmark and Germany’s Ongoing Investigations

Denmark and Germany are conducting separate investigations into the explosions. A German government spokesperson expressed continued interest in solving the case, while Danish police are expected to provide more information on their investigation soon.

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International Implications and Accusations

In July, Germany reported finding traces of subsea explosives on a sailing yacht that could have been used in the attacks, implicating trained divers. Russia has blamed the United States, Britain, and Ukraine, while some Western officials have suggested Russian involvement.

Reaction from Moscow

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov mentioned that Russia would monitor Germany’s reaction to the explosions, expressing frustration with the lack of insight into Western investigations.


Sweden has concluded its investigation into the Nord Stream sabotage, passing on evidence to German authorities. The case remains a source of tension between Russia and the West, with ongoing investigations and international accusations.

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