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Spanish police clash with farmers and truck drivers amid ongoing protests for the fifth day.

Spanish Farmers and Truck Drivers Protest Against Environmental Rules

Spanish Police Clash with Farmers and Truck Drivers

Spanish police clashed with a group of farmers and truck drivers in Madrid as they attempted to block a main road in protest against the European Union’s environmental regulations, excessive taxes, and red tape.

Joint Demand for Action

Representatives from Plataforma Nacional, a group of truck drivers, and Plataforma 6-F, a newly formed farmers’ group, joined forces to demand action from Spanish and European leaders. They argue that environmental regulations put them at a competitive disadvantage compared to other regions.

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Protests and Demands

Waving Spanish flags and donning yellow vests, members of both groups gathered near the Atletico de Madrid stadium and voiced their support for joining forces. They called on politicians to address the impact of regulations on product delivery and consumer access.

Continued Protests

Since Tuesday, Spanish farmers have been protesting alongside counterparts from Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium, blocking highways and ports on a daily basis.

Police Intervention

Following a vote, hundreds of protesters attempted to access a main highway via a dirt road, prompting a confrontation with police officers who managed to prevent their advance. Later, a group of around 200 protesters tried to gather outside the headquarters of Spain’s ruling Socialist party but were met with a large police presence.

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Commitment to Protest

Both groups vowed to continue protesting in Madrid and across the country until their demands are addressed.

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