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Senate hearing on US chips in Russian weapons to be held by panel.

Senate Hearing to Address Use of U.S. Chips in Russian Weapons

U.S. Senate Panel to Hold Hearing on Russian Weapons Systems

A U.S. Senate panel has announced plans to hold a hearing on the use of U.S. chips in Russian weapons systems. Senator Richard Blumenthal made the statement, emphasizing the importance of addressing the issue of U.S. technology being utilized in Russian military equipment.

Concerns Over Evading Export Controls

The Senate’s permanent subcommittee on investigations will delve into how Russia is evading export controls to access U.S. technology for use in the war in Ukraine. The panel, chaired by Democratic lawmaker Senator Richard Blumenthal, aims to shed light on the methods employed by Russia to bypass export regulations.

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Information Sought from U.S. Semiconductor Makers

The panel has reached out to four major U.S. semiconductor manufacturers – Advanced Micro Devices, Analog Devices, Intel, and Texas Instruments – to gather information and documents. The aim is to understand the extent to which these companies are involved in exporting their products to countries that could potentially aid Russia in evading export controls.

Increased Exports to Countries Linked to Russian Evasion

Preliminary findings indicate that these semiconductor companies have significantly increased exports to countries that could potentially aid Russia in evading U.S. export controls. This revelation has raised concerns about the role of U.S. technology in furthering Russian military capabilities.

Presence of American-Made Semiconductors in Russian Military Equipment

American-made semiconductors have been discovered in a wide range of equipment used by the Russian military. From drones and radios to missiles and armored vehicles, the presence of U.S. technology in Russian military equipment has raised serious national security concerns.

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Cooperation and Opposition from Semiconductor Manufacturers

Amid these developments, semiconductor manufacturers have expressed their stance on the issue. Advanced Micro Devices, Texas Instruments, Intel, and Analog Devices have all shared their perspectives on the matter, emphasizing their commitment to national security and compliance with export regulations.

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