HomePoliticsScalise and Jordan in Close Contest for Speaker Position in US House

Scalise and Jordan in Close Contest for Speaker Position in US House

Scalise and Jordan in Two-Way Race for House Leadership

By Makini Brice and Moira Warburton

Introduction: Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan are currently vying for the top leadership position in the U.S. House of Representatives. Following the historic ouster of Kevin McCarthy, Republicans are looking for a new leader. Scalise has taken a traditional approach, building relationships and raising funds, while Jordan has made a name for himself as a right-wing firebrand. With endorsements from former President Donald Trump, Jordan may have an edge, but the outcome remains uncertain.

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Scalise’s Traditional Path to Leadership

Steve Scalise, a representative from Louisiana, has followed a more traditional route in his bid for House leadership. Over the years, he has built relationships and raised funds, making him a respected figure within the Republican party. Scalise’s experience and fundraising success could potentially give him an advantage in the upcoming election.

Scalise’s journey to leadership has not been without challenges. In 2017, he was a victim of a shooting during a charity baseball game, but he made a remarkable recovery and returned to his duties in the House. Additionally, he faced criticism for a speech he gave in 2002 to a white supremacist group, which he has since expressed regret for.

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Despite these hurdles, Scalise remains a strong contender for the leadership position and has been actively reaching out to other members for support.

Jordan’s Right-Wing Firebrand Approach

Jim Jordan, a representative from Ohio, has taken a different approach in his bid for House leadership. Known for his conservative views and vocal support of former President Donald Trump, Jordan has positioned himself as a right-wing firebrand. His endorsement from Trump, who still holds significant influence within the Republican party, could work in his favor.

Jordan’s involvement in the House Judiciary Committee, which plays a crucial role in the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, has further solidified his standing among conservatives. Despite losing a leadership challenge to McCarthy in 2018, Jordan has become a close ally and remains a formidable opponent.

However, it is important to note that Jordan’s hardline stance has occasionally put him at odds with fellow Republicans, most notably during the 2015 resignation of then-Speaker John Boehner. This could potentially impact his chances of securing the leadership position.

The Battle for House Leadership

Both Scalise and Jordan have garnered support from their colleagues, with each securing approximately two dozen endorsements from among the 221 Republicans in the House. However, the ultimate decision lies with the Republicans, who are set to choose their leader in a closed-door meeting.

Other potential candidates, such as Kevin Hern, the head of the conservative Republican Study Committee, may also enter the race. Currently, Representative Patrick McHenry holds the position on a temporary basis.

Whoever emerges as the victor will face significant challenges ahead. They will need to negotiate a funding deal to prevent a government shutdown, oversee the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, and make critical decisions regarding Ukraine aid, an issue that has divided rank-and-file Republicans.

The full House will ultimately vote on the new speaker. With Republicans holding a narrow majority, every vote counts, and unity within the party will be crucial.


The race for House leadership between Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan is heating up. Scalise’s traditional approach and fundraising success contrast with Jordan’s right-wing firebrand persona and endorsement from former President Trump. With endorsements and support from their colleagues, both candidates have a fair chance of securing the position. However, the final decision rests with the Republicans, who will need to carefully consider the direction they want to take. The outcome of this race will have significant implications for the party’s future and its ability to effectively lead in the House of Representatives.

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