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Safety trades weaken over the weekend due to rising tension between Iran and Israel.

A Look at the Day Ahead in U.S. and Global Markets

Fears Over Iran’s Retaliatory Strike on Israel Ease

As fears over Iran’s retaliatory strike on Israel ease, traditional financial havens see a reversal in trends. Oil prices fall back from recent highs as markets remain jittery amidst unfolding events.

Market Reaction to Iran’s Attack

Iran’s attack on Israel raises concerns about regional conflict impacting oil traffic. Despite involving over 300 missiles and drones, the attack only caused modest damage, with missiles intercepted by Israel’s defense system.

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Market Response and Uncertainty Trades

Stock markets in Asia react mixedly, with U.S. stock futures bouncing back on Monday. European stocks also show positive movement. The uncertainty regarding Middle East tensions leads to classic uncertainty trades.

Impact on U.S. Markets

The fear of escalating conflict affecting U.S. markets is prevalent. Concerns about inflation, Fed interest rate cuts, and energy shocks loom large. Gold prices and U.S. Treasuries see fluctuations amidst market volatility.

Debate on Economic Impact

Investors debate whether a Middle East conflict would spur inflation or hamper global business confidence. The fluctuation in U.S. Treasury yields reflects market sentiment amid geopolitical tensions.

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Market Events and Sector Rotation

Key diary items for U.S. markets include corporate earnings and economic indicators. Sector rotation is observed, with defense stocks rising and airline stocks facing pressure.

Global Market Movements

China’s mainland stocks perform well ahead of first-quarter GDP data. New guidelines in the country’s capital market signal positivity for investors. The dollar benefits from the safety bid, maintaining momentum in global markets.

Upcoming Market Indicators

Events such as the IMF’s Spring meeting and economic reports will provide direction to markets. Investors remain watchful of geopolitical developments and their impact on global economies.

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