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Republicans in US House oppose Jordan’s speaker bid, citing concerns about government shutdown.

Concerns Over Jim Jordan’s Speaker Bid and Government Shutdown Worries

Moderate Republicans Express Concerns

Two moderate Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, who have voted against Jim Jordan’s bid for speaker, have cited their worries about a potential government shutdown. Their concerns stem from Jordan’s lack of a clear plan to avoid this scenario next month.

The Take: Jordan’s Lack of Clarity

Representatives Nick LaLota and Anthony D’Esposito, both representing suburban districts east of New York City, have expressed their reservations about Jordan’s bid. They highlight his failure to articulate a concrete plan for keeping the government funded beyond the expiration of the stopgap measure on November 17.

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LaLota’s Doubts

LaLota reveals that Jordan mentioned a bipartisan bill to end government shutdowns as his plan. However, LaLota lacks confidence in the bill’s passage and believes it falls short of being a winning idea without the support of 217 votes.

Jordan’s Silence on Preventing Shutdowns

Interestingly, Jordan himself has not co-sponsored the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act. His office has yet to respond to inquiries seeking clarification on his stance.

D’Esposito’s Uncertainty

D’Esposito expresses uncertainty about whether Jordan would support a continuing resolution, a stopgap measure that seems increasingly likely. While acknowledging the absence of a crystal ball, D’Esposito suggests that the direction seems clear.

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Context: Fallout from Previous Speaker

The ousting of former Republican speaker Kevin McCarthy, who passed the current stopgap funding measure with Democratic support, has left hardline Republicans angry. Jordan’s previous vote against this measure has raised concerns among moderates about his future voting decisions.

Jordan’s History with Shutdowns

Jordan’s involvement in the 2013 shutdown over funding for former President Barack Obama’s Medicare reforms and his support for the 2018 shutdown over funding for former President Donald Trump’s border wall further contribute to the concerns raised by his moderate colleagues.

It is vital for Congress to have a clear plan to avoid a government shutdown. Without a comprehensive strategy, the risk of disrupting essential services and negatively impacting the economy looms large. The concerns expressed by Representatives LaLota and D’Esposito highlight the need for leadership that can navigate these challenges effectively.

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