HomePoliticsPutin expresses preference for "more predictable" Biden over Trump, according to Reuters.

Putin expresses preference for “more predictable” Biden over Trump, according to Reuters.

Russian President Putin Expresses Preference for Biden Over Trump

Putin’s Preference

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed in an interview that he favors Joe Biden over Donald Trump but is open to collaborating with any U.S. president.

Political Comments

When asked which candidate would be better for Russia, Putin promptly responded, “Biden.” He described Biden as a seasoned and predictable politician, indicating a preference for his leadership.

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International Relations

Putin’s remarks mark the first time he publicly commented on the 2024 U.S. election, where Biden and Trump are anticipated to compete for the presidency for a second time. At a time of heightened political uncertainty and strained U.S.-Russia relations, Putin’s comments are likely to be interpreted as provocative rather than sincere.

Impact of Biden’s Leadership

Biden has spearheaded the Western response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including expanding the NATO alliance and imposing sanctions on Moscow. His approach contrasts with Trump’s reluctance to criticize Putin, leading to speculation that Trump would adopt a softer stance towards Russia.

Putin’s Opinion

Despite refraining from interfering in the U.S. campaign, Putin expressed his views on both candidates, even discussing Biden’s mental fitness. While defending Biden, he also referred to an incident where Biden accidentally hit his head, injecting a touch of humor into the conversation.

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Comparison with Trump

Putin described Trump as a non-systemic politician with unique views on U.S. relations with its allies, implying a more complex dynamic if Trump were to return to office.

Presidential Dynamics

At 71, Putin is a decade younger than Biden and six years younger than Trump. He is set to secure another six-year term in an upcoming election, with candidates opposing the war in Ukraine disqualified from the race.

U.S. Election Influence

In 2020, a U.S. Senate intelligence committee report concluded that Russia had attempted to influence the 2016 U.S. election in favor of Trump, highlighting the historical backdrop against which the 2024 election is unfolding.

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