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Proposal to sell Northeast gasoline reserve in 2024 included in draft bill amid fuel supply concerns.

The US Considers Selling Northeast Gasoline Reserve in 2024

US Government Considering Sale of Gasoline Reserve

The United States is contemplating selling its 1 million barrel Northeast gasoline reserve in fiscal year 2024. This decision, outlined in a draft funding bill, aims to utilize the reserve established in 2014 after Superstorm Sandy to address fuel shortages in the northeastern states. The reserve is strategically located in New York Harbor, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine.

Proceeds and Restrictions from the Sale

According to the bill, the proceeds from the sale of refined products in the reserve will be deposited into the Treasury’s general fund. Additionally, the bill specifies that once the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve is closed, the Secretary of Energy cannot establish any new regional petroleum product reserve without explicit funding approval in advance.

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Barrel of Gasoline and Market Prices

It’s important to note that one barrel of gasoline contains approximately 42 gallons. Currently, gasoline in New York Harbor is priced at around $2.29 per gallon. This context sheds light on the potential implications of the reserve sale on market dynamics and consumer pricing.

Legislative Implications and International Relations

The draft bill also includes provisions to prevent Chinese entities from purchasing from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. As the bill progresses through the U.S. House of Representatives before reaching the Senate, it signifies broader implications for international relations and energy security strategies.

Future Legislative Actions and Timeline

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has emphasized the urgency of the bill’s passage, highlighting the upcoming voting process in the House of Representatives before Senate deliberations. The timeline and legislative actions surrounding the bill underscore the critical nature of energy reserves and their management in the current geopolitical landscape.

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