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Privacy concerns arise as ECB and Edpb seek clarity on Digital Euro Project.

Digital Euro Project Faces Privacy Concerns, ECB and EDPB Seek Clarity

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) are addressing privacy concerns surrounding the digital euro. This initiative, however, faces delays due to small transaction privacy issues.

The ECB is making progress towards the implementation of a digital euro, but concerns have been raised regarding the privacy of small transactions. The EDPB, led by Deputy Chair Irene Loizidou Nicolaidou, has proposed the inclusion of a privacy limit in the upcoming legislation to address these concerns. This limit would prevent the tracking of transactions for purposes such as anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing.

EDPB Highlights Privacy Risks and Calls for Robust Measures

The EDPB expressed its apprehensions about the ECB’s proposal for a digital euro, emphasizing the potential risks of state control and capital flight from traditional banks. In response, Nicolaidou proposed a “privacy threshold” that would exempt low-value transactions from anti-money laundering supervision. Additionally, she suggested decentralized storage for data to enforce limits on the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

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The EDPB stressed the importance of robust privacy measures and data protection to ensure public trust in the new currency. The board also sought clarity on the responsibilities of the ECB and payment services providers regarding data protection and the legal aspects of the digital euro’s issuance, distribution, and use.

Choice between Cash and Digital Euros and the Need for Privacy Safeguards

The EDPB highlighted the significance of offering individuals a choice between cash and digital euros. It emphasized that strong privacy safeguards and data protection measures are crucial for gaining public trust in this new form of currency.

The European Commission’s draft law supporting the digital euro project is currently awaiting ratification. However, debates surrounding anonymity concerns for minor transactions have delayed the approval process. The ECB is continuously evolving its digital euro project to strike a balance between innovation and privacy and security considerations.

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