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Palestinians in Gaza express that Israeli bombings evoke a sense of a fresh ‘Nakba’.

The Impact of Israeli Bombardment on Palestinians in Gaza

Palestinians in Gaza Face Devastating Israeli Bombardment

Palestinians living in Gaza are enduring relentless Israeli bombardment, causing them to experience a sense of their own “Nakba,” meaning catastrophe in Arabic. This term refers to the mass dispossession they suffered during the 1948 war that led to the creation of Israel. The intensity of the airstrikes unleashed by Israel on the Gaza Strip has reached unprecedented levels, leaving residents like Plestia Alaqad, 22, fearing for their lives.

Living in Fear and Constant Evacuation

The situation in Gaza has become unbearable, with the bombardment making no place safe. Alaqad, who has been documenting the effects of the attacks on her Instagram page, has been forced to evacuate multiple times. Even after seeking refuge in a friend’s home, she received news that it too would be targeted. She briefly stayed in a hospital to charge her phone before moving to another location with journalists for shelter.

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A Deep Understanding of the Nakba

Alaqad reflects on her experiences, comparing them to the stories her late grandfather shared about the Nakba in 1948. Only now does she truly comprehend the magnitude of that tragedy. At 22 years old, she has gained a profound understanding of the ongoing suffering endured by Palestinians even decades after the Nakba.

The Lingering Impact of the Nakba

The Nakba remains a constant source of sorrow for Palestinians, who continue to mourn their displacement and the denial of their dreams of statehood. During the war surrounding Israel’s establishment, approximately 700,000 Palestinians were either driven from their homes or fled, comprising half of the Arab population in British-ruled Palestine. Many sought refuge in Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.

Israel Tightens Gaza’s Blockade

In addition to the bombardment, Israel has further tightened its blockade of Gaza. This includes a complete ban on food and fuel imports, as well as electricity cuts. Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant warned that the consequences Gaza would face would have long-lasting effects for future generations.

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From a Boxing Instructor’s Home to Rubble

Radwan Abu al-Kass, a boxing instructor and father of three, recounts the destruction of his five-storey house in the al-Rimal district. It now lies in ruins, leaving him and his children seeking shelter at a friend’s home several kilometers away. However, they fear that even heavier bombardment may still come their way.

This ongoing crisis in Gaza is reminiscent of the events of 1948, known as another Nakba. Palestinians continue to endure the consequences of displacement and loss, as they strive for a better future despite the unimaginable challenges they face.

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