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Oil prices fall 3% as global leaders strive for peaceful resolution in Gaza, impacting market dynamics.

Oil Prices Plunge as World Powers Seek Diplomatic Solution for Gaza

Oil Market Sentiment Takes a Hit

Investing.com – The recent surge in oil prices driven by the crisis in Gaza has taken a hit as world powers work towards a diplomatic solution. Crude prices tumbled by 3% on Monday, with Brent dropping below the $90 per barrel mark. The bull sentiment that had propelled the market up by 10% over the past two weeks was dampened by diplomatic overtures for Gaza.

Global Leaders Seek a Solution

US President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Israel, along with the upcoming visits of the leaders of France and the Netherlands, signals a collective effort to find a solution for the conflict. The prospect of de-escalation in Gaza and Israel has the potential to cool the recent market volatility, according to analysts at online trading platform OANDA.

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Price Movements and Speculative Bets

WTI crude for December delivery settled at $85.49, down $2.59 or 2.94%. UK-origin crude settled at $89.83 per barrel, down $2.33 or 2.5%. Speculators have increased their net long positions in Brent futures, doubling down on their bets that the situation in Gaza will worsen.

Impact of Geopolitical Tensions

The conflict in Gaza has raised concerns among some Wall Street analysts, as it is in close proximity to major oil producers in the region. The Strait of Hormuz, a crucial chokepoint for oil transportation, is also at stake. However, other oil traders view the conflict as a major political event that has not yet demonstrated any significant risk to the crude trade.

Oil Bulls Face Reality Check

Oil bulls who have been capitalizing on the crisis in Gaza are being reminded that there is no such thing as a free lunch. While the conflict has not materially impacted the trade so far, the value of oil depends on demand-related consumption rather than speculative fears of supply disruptions.

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Corporate News: Chevron’s Acquisition Plan

In corporate news, Chevron announced its plan to acquire American rival Hess for $53 billion. This move reflects a growing desire among oil and gas companies for lower-risk future fossil supplies and higher shareholder returns.

Looking Ahead

The International Energy Agency is set to release its World Energy Outlook, covering long-term energy supply and demand trends. This report will provide further insights into the future of the energy industry.

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