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Oil prices drop further due to uncertainty in the Middle East and discussions over a potential deal with Venezuela.

Oil Prices Fall on Reports of Potential Sanctions Relief for Venezuela

Oil prices extend losses amid M.East uncertainty, Venezuela deal talk

Oil prices in Asian trade on Tuesday continued to decline, following recent losses triggered by reports suggesting that the United States might relax its sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry. This news has contributed to a lack of immediate escalation in the Israel-Hamas war and has raised hopes that the conflict will not spread throughout the broader Middle East region. The United States has also pledged aid to Gaza, further easing concerns. President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Israel on Wednesday reinforces the belief that tensions may be deescalating.

Relief for Middle Eastern oil supply concerns

The potential easing of sanctions against Venezuela, coupled with the absence of immediate escalation in the Israel-Hamas war, has resulted in steep losses in oil prices. Since the onset of the conflict in October, the fear of disruptions in Middle Eastern oil supply has been a major factor driving up oil prices. However, with the recent developments, these concerns have been alleviated. As a result, oil prices continued to slide in early Asian trade on Tuesday.

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Impact on oil prices

Oil prices fell by 0.3% to $89.90 a barrel, while Brent crude oil prices remained flat at $85.41 a barrel as of 20:59 ET (00:59 GMT). Both contracts experienced a decline of approximately $1 on Monday.

Venezuela’s potential sanctions relief

According to Reuters, Venezuela’s government and the opposition are planning to resume long-suspended talks on Tuesday. This development could eventually lead to the relaxation of sanctions imposed by the United States on the country’s oil industry. However, any action from the United States is contingent upon President Nicolas Maduro committing to a presidential election date and lifting bans on opposition candidates. While the potential easing of sanctions could increase oil exports from Venezuela, the country’s oil production is expected to remain low due to infrastructure issues and limited capital spending in the sector.

Israel-Hamas war

Market participants are closely monitoring the Israel-Hamas war for any new developments. While the conflict is not expected to draw in other Middle Eastern countries at present, the situation could still escalate. Israel is preparing for a large-scale ground invasion of Gaza and has continued its air strikes against the region. The involvement of additional nations, particularly Iran, could disrupt oil supplies in the region. However, Israel and the United States have agreed to allow aid into Gaza, which may indicate a potential deescalation of tensions.

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Overall, the potential sanctions relief for Venezuela and the lack of immediate escalation in the Israel-Hamas war have contributed to the decline in oil prices. However, it remains to be seen how these situations will evolve and impact the global crude oil markets in the long term.

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