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Negotiations in progress to let Houthis back down from attacks, says US official.

Diplomacy Underway to Resolve Red Sea Crisis, US Official Says

Efforts to Find a Solution

Diplomatic efforts are currently in progress to find a resolution for the ongoing conflict involving Yemen’s Houthis, as stated by U.S. Special Envoy Tim Lenderking. He mentioned that these efforts aim to help the Houthis find a way to de-escalate their attacks on ships in the Red Sea while saving face.

Recent Developments

U.S. Special Envoy Tim Lenderking recorded his comments before heading to Oman for talks on the crisis. He highlighted the need for a diplomatic solution to the conflict, which has led to retaliatory strikes by the U.S. and Britain against Houthi weapons sites.

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Mediation and Solidarity

Oman has been actively involved in mediating the conflict with the Iran-aligned Houthis. The Houthis have justified their actions by claiming solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, vowing to escalate their attacks unless Israel ceases its operations against Hamas Islamists.

Diplomatic Efforts

Lenderking mentioned the efforts being made to find a solution for the Houthis, citing talks held in Oman by British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, the Norwegian deputy foreign minister, and U.N. special envoy Hans Grundberg as part of those efforts.

Iran’s Alleged Involvement

Lenderking accused Iran of aiding the Houthi attacks by providing them with weapons and intelligence. He emphasized the need for de-escalation to prevent renewed fighting in Yemen and disruptions to essential shipments needed in Yemen and Gaza.

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Impact of Attacks

Lenderking highlighted the disruptions caused by the attacks, including the impact on maritime trade and the need for ships to divert to the Cape of Good Hope, resulting in increased shipping costs and insurance rates.

Path to Resolution

Lenderking expressed hope for talks to preserve a roadmap to end the war in Yemen, worked out by the Houthis and Saudi Arabia, which intervened on behalf of the internationally recognized government in 2015. He emphasized the need for serious de-escalation in Gaza.

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