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Mercuria predicts oil prices of $100 due to Middle East unrest, according to Reuters.

Oil Prices Could Hit $100 Amid Middle East Turmoil

Commodity Trader Mercuria Predicts Oil Surge

The deputy CEO of commodity trader Mercuria, Magid Shenouda, has stated that oil prices could reach $100 per barrel if the situation in the Middle East escalates. Shenouda believes that recent events have cast a shadow over the market’s outlook, as the potential for conflict is not adequately priced in. Despite limited price action, with only a $3 increase per barrel, Shenouda warns of a high probability of escalation that could lead to the $100 mark.

Positive Q4 Demand Outlook

Kieran Gallagher, Vitol Bahrain’s managing director, shares a similar sentiment, highlighting the healthy demand outlook for the fourth quarter. Gallagher acknowledges that reaching $100 would require a significant geopolitical event, but believes that the demand forecast is strong enough to sustain prices around $90 per barrel. It’s worth noting that the price surge from $85 to $95 happened swiftly, indicating the potential for rapid changes in the market.

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Challenges in Accessing Capital

Shenouda also sheds light on the difficulties faced by the oil industry in accessing capital. He expresses concern about inflation, citing examples of oil producers attempting to raise capital at interest rates exceeding 20%. Such rates are deemed unsustainable, as evidenced by the near-failure of Seacrest Petroleo’s $260 million IPO this year. Shenouda emphasizes the scarcity of available capital for the industry.

In conclusion, the oil market’s future remains uncertain due to escalating tensions in the Middle East. While analysts are cautious about predicting a surge to $100 per barrel under normal circumstances, recent events have heightened the possibility. The overall demand outlook remains positive, but geopolitical developments will play a crucial role in determining the direction of oil prices.

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