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Media giants collaborate on new sports streaming service for entertainment enthusiasts worldwide.

Fox, Disney, and Warner Bros Discovery Unite for New Sports Streaming Service

Fox, Disney, and Warner Bros Discovery to Launch Joint Sports Streaming Service

Fox Corp, Walt Disney’s ESPN, and Warner Bros Discovery have announced plans to introduce a sports streaming service this autumn. The aim is to attract younger audiences who prefer online streaming over traditional television.

Joint Venture to Offer Broad Portfolio of Sports Rights

These media giants will collaborate to create a new service featuring professional and collegiate sports rights, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, FIFA World Cup, and college competitions. The all-in-one package will include television channels like ESPN, TNT, and FS1, as well as streamed sports content. Subscribers can also opt for it as part of a streaming bundle from Disney+, Hulu, or Max.

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Positive Reactions and Market Appeal

Industry experts believe this move will appeal to households that pay for high-speed internet but do not subscribe to pay TV. It is also likely to attract streaming aggregators like Amazon, Apple, and Roku, presenting a smart defensive move with potentially huge upside.

Collaboration and Market Expansion

CEOs of the three companies have been in discussions for some time. The purpose of this sports-centric service is to provide consumers with more choice, not to replace flagship networks like ESPN and FS1.

New Entity and Monetization Opportunities

The jointly owned new entity will operate with equal board representation and non-exclusive sports content licensing. This move signifies recognition of the large market for sports outside of traditional TV and provides another way for these media companies to monetize increasingly costly sports rights.

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Future Plans and Strategic Investments

Disney had previously expressed a desire to take ESPN online and seek strategic partners and investors. Activist investor Nelson Peltz believes Disney can achieve profitability in streaming by bundling its ESPN+ online service with a larger player interested in sports.

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